Mr. C (misterc) wrote in pflag,
Mr. C

One Thing I Know Without Doubt

This may shock you, but I was thinking about marriage equality today.

Now, it's true that I no longer have as deeply a personal stake in the fight for equal civil marriage rights for same-sex couples as I used to when I had a someone to love, but the cause burns as brightly in my healing-but-still-broken heart as it always has.

I've said/written about this many times in many places, but I feel the need to vent about it again. In the proverbial "grand scheme of things", those who see same-gender couples as threats to the very underpinnings of human civilization fight this fight because they believe that limiting marriage to strictly one male-one female is what is best for society and for the world. I will even go so far as to say that I DO believe they really believe that. They fight for those beliefs and for their morals and their conviction that--where marriage is concerned anyway--"the way things are" is how they should always should always be. For them, this is about their ideals & their philosophy. For us, though, it is about the equality of our hearts & about the right to commit ourselves to that special one who completes our lives.

While I do not underestimate the convictions or the willingness of our opponents to fight tooth-and-nail for them, I am convinced that, in this fight, we will be victorious one day. For us, the stakes in this fight are nothing short of the value of our very lives; but even more than that, we battle in defense of love itself, and there is no dogma, no philosophy, no ideal, no rule, no law, no motivation higher, nor more powerful than that.

And, truthfully, it doesn't matter if "they" understand that or not. We do--and that's why we will always, always fight, and why we will ultimately win.
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