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Not In Our Town

"...and a little child will lead them."
--Isaiah 11:6

Hate-monger extraordinaire, Fred Phelps, and his Kansas "church", Westboro Baptist (or WBC as it is sometimes called in this video below), decided to--as the clip below states--picket at [San Francisco] Bay area schools and Jewish institutions. One of the targets of their "Godly" protests was Henry M. Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California.

Although the Bible verse quoted above mentions that a "little child will lead them," it's obvious that these high school students are certainly not little children, but they are from the next generation that will become this country & this world's future leaders, and they give me hope that love & respect & acceptance will be their creed & their guiding light as they help to usher in a hopeful, beautiful new day.

This counter-protest which, as usual, far out-numbered the WBC protesters, was established with the help of a group called Not In Our Town, whose website describes themselves as a national movement that encourages and connects people who are responding to hate and working to build more inclusive communities, and which encourages students to Make change in your town and your school.

From what I saw in this video, these kids have made a HUGE impact on not just Palo Alto, but on folks from all over who are fortunate enough to get to see love in action.

I personally thank them for their open hearts & open minds, but mostly for knowing that--in the face of hate & ignorance, silence is not an option, and that, to fight such ugliness--as one of their homemade signs stated--all you need is love.

Rock on, Gunn High! :-)

Please watch the video here.
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